Prince Charles Hospital


The Prince Charles Hospital is still providing annual or bi-annual screening of cardiorespiratory complications of Scleroderma. Dr. Fiona Kermeen and her colleagues are dedicated to continue this service despite withdrawal from ASIG and are continuing to collect data onto a local data base. Up to this point in time more than 130 patients have been screened with follow up on their progress.
Patients can be referred to the program through a referral from their Rheumatologist or General Practitioner and faxed to 07 3139 5696.


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Please note: The new phone number for the Scleroderma Association of Queensland is 07 32773460. Our postal has changed too; it is PO Box 316, SALISBURY Qld. 4107. The new physical address of our office is 124A Evans Road Salisbury. If you would like to come and browse through some books in our library or have a chat or help, please visit on Wednesday between 9:30 and 12 midday.