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1st Systemic Sclerosis World Congress
to be held in Florence, Italy from 11 ?? 13 February 2010
This is certainly an important meeting for all living with Scleroderma.
The aim of the congress is to foster outstanding research into the cause(s) and
understanding of systemic sclerosis and to improve clinical care and awareness of
Scleroderma worldwide.
It is a conference that will involve medical specialists from a wide range of disciplines from
around the world - cardiologists, dermatologists, nephrologists, pulmonologists and
There is to be a special focus on young investigators in a program fostering direct contact
with the experts in all these fields for it is the young investigators who will be relied upon to
continue the investigations and research into the future.
As part of the congress, there is also to be a Patient Programme to be held on Friday 12
February with medical experts from around the world. Those attending the Patient
Programme are also welcome to attend the scientific sessions as well.
Scleroderma Australia is aware that this as a very important event and that it was imperative
for a representative of Scleroderma Australia to attend. At the General Meeting held on 7
September it was agreed to fund Ms Robyn Sims to attend as the representative of
Scleroderma Australia. We are sure that Robyn will be a great asset at this meeting and we
shall look forward to the reports she brings back.
Scleroderma Australia has been notified that another of the Victorian members she will be
also attending the congress. If there is a chance that others are planning a trip to that part of
the world, we would encourage them to take time to also attend the congress - but
remember, February is a chilly time in Florence.
For more details of the 1st Systemic Sclerosis World Congress the website is :

The Annual General Meeting of Scleroderma Australia was held following the General
Meeting on 7 September 2009. It was at this meeting that the progress of the last twelve
months was reviewed and reports from the President, Treasurer and the Secretary were
At this meeting, the officers of the Executive were also elected and for the next twelve months
they are:
President: Jan Elliott
Vice President: Robyn Sims
Treasurer: Iain Pizzey
Secretary: Vicki Snow
As there have been some changes to the delegates of the state organizations, the meeting
welcomed Marline Squance, a delegate for NSW and Neil Johnson, Kim Armstrong-Wood
and Maureen Goddard as delegates for Western Australia.
We are sorry Margaret Nunn is to resign as a delegate for WA in November 2009 but pleased
that she has agreed to act as a co-opted member to the Executive to report on our
involvement with the Medical and Scientific Advisory Board, with regard to the website
registrations and the Research Grants process.
Our speaker was Ms Barbara Gemmell who is the Scleroderma Nurse at St Vincent's Hospital
in Melbourne. Barbara spoke about her role as the Scleroderma Nurse and the importance of
her role as a link between patients and the doctors.
Scleroderma Australia looks forward to a busy and successful year ahead with the aim to
produce additional educational brochures, to promote the cause of Scleroderma at all times
but particularly throughout the Awareness Month in March 2010 and by encouraging the
growth of membership throughout this period.


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