Seminar 2008

Celebrating 25 years ..."Focusing on the Future"

We are happy to report that the Scleroderma Australia Awareness Month Seminar which was held on March 15th, 2008 at Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane was a great success

To view photos from the seminar, please scroll down this page.

Our speakers included: 
Dr. Peter Landsberg.peter landsberg seminar 1 2.jpg
Graduated University Of QLD 1982. Rural General Practitioner until 1996 in QLD and NSW.
Trained in General Medicine and Rheumatology 1996-2001 at Princess Alexandra and Royal Brisbane Hospitals in Brisbane.
Private Rheumatology Practice Brisbane and VMO in General Medicine and Rheumatology to Princess Alexandra Hospital Brisbane 2002.

Mr. Alan Hobman. 
alan hobman.jpgRN (Mental Health), BNsg, MSocSc(Past Couns) 
Alan Hobman is a Registered Mental Health Nurse with a Masters degree in Counselling. He is the founder and manager of the Wesley Hospital Counselling Service which, since its inception 18 years ago, has provided counselling, support and education to more than 58,000 people within the hospital and the local community.
As a Clinical Nurse Consultant in Counselling much of Alan’s work has been in supporting patients and their families; helping them to deal with the challenges and emotional distress of illness.
For many years Alan has presented to the community on a wide variety of topics and is known for his relaxed, common sense approach to mental health. He has entitled this session “Quality of life! – despite my illness”, and will discuss the emotional impact of illness and explore some practical ways to help achieve emotional well-being.

Dr. Judith Greer
dr greer.jpgDr Judith Greer is a graduate of the University of Queensland who completed her PhD on cancer immunology in 1991. She then undertook postdoctoral training at Harvard Medical School in the USA, during which time her interests shifted towards immune responses within the nervous system. She joined the Neuroimmunology Research Unit of the School of Medicine in 1994.
Her research is directly particularly towards trying to identify brain components that are targeted by the immune system in people with multiple sclerosis, in determining how immune responses within the nervous system relate to the symptoms experienced by people with MS, and in developing new ways to specifically turn off the damaging immune responses in the brain. Much of her work focuses on the most abundant myelin protein, myelin proteolipid protein. She is interested in research training, and since 2002 has been the Postgraduate Coordinator for the Central Clinical Division of the School of Medicine.

Dr. Luke Garske
dr luke garske2.jpgDr Garske has been a full time respiratory physician at the Princess Alexandra Hospital for the last 5 years. For the last 3 years he has been co-ordinating the pulmonary arterial hypertension service at the PA hospital, which is a designated prescribing centre for drugs such as bosentan and iloprost. As a result, he has some experience in the assessment and management of scleroderma patients with pulmonary hypertension and other respiratory complications.

Dr. Chris Zappala
dr zappala.jpgChris Zappala is about to commence an interstitial lung disease unit and contribute to a pulmonary hypertension service at Royal Brisbane Hospital, where he works as a respiratory physician. Until recently, he has worked at the Royal Brompton Hospital, London, in the Interstitial Lung Disease Unit.  Developing an interest in this challenging area of respiratory medicine he has embarked on a body of research examining how change in serial lung function and imaging of the chest describe disease behaviour and predict survival.  He has worked extensively across the breadth of diffuse parenchymal lung diseases as both clinician and researcher and in so doing challenged the notion of rigid interpretation of lung function.  He is engaged in collaborative work with the Royal Brompton Hospital relating structure to function in hypersensitivity pneumonitis, Scleroderma-related interstitial lung disease and sarcoidosis.

Photos from the Seminar

ana and javier batista2.jpgattendees2.jpg

christian, henley, gail hegh, dr jane greer2.jpgdolly 2a.jpg

dot and margaret2.jpgjadwiga chalk and husband 2.jpg

leonor and helen2.jpgmore attendees 2a.jpg

more guests2.jpgthe walker family and dorothy2.jpg


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