AGM Scleroderma Australia 2008


Annual General Meeting 2008

The 3rd Annual General Meeting of Scleroderma Australia took place on Tuesday, 23rd September 2008 in the Hamilton Room of the Brisbane City Hall. Members of the Scleroderma Association of Queensland Inc were present to witness the election of office bearers. As a single nomination was received for each of the offices to be filled and no objections were raised to these nominations, the election was deemed unanimous:
President: Jan Elliott
Vice-President: Robyn Sims
Treasurer: Iain Pizzey
Secretary: Vicki Snow

Election of Public Officer:
Jan Elliott accepted the role of Public Officer as she is resident in Victoria.
At the conclusion of these endorsements presentations were made to June Meyer,
Mary Sotiriadis, Margaret Nunn in thanks for the work they have achieved with
Scleroderma Australia.


The Meeting was declared closed at 2.40 pm and invited guest speaker Dr. Fiona Kermeen addressed the Group on the Scleroderma Screening Program being conducted at the Princeagm08_2.jpg Charles Hospital in Brisbane. Dr. Kermeen stressed the need to raise awareness of Scleroderma to improve the chances early detection and improved success in treatment programs.

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Please note: The new phone number for the Scleroderma Association of Queensland is 07 32773460. Our postal has changed too; it is PO Box 316, SALISBURY Qld. 4107. The new physical address of our office is 124A Evans Road Salisbury. If you would like to come and browse through some books in our library or have a chat or help, please visit on Wednesday between 9:30 and 12 midday.