Scleroderma Queensland

What is Scleroderma, Sjogrens Syndrome and Raynaud’s Phenomenon

Scleroderma, or Systemic Sclerosis, is a chronic connective tissue disease generally classified as one of the autoimmune rheumatic diseases. 


The word ‘Scleroderma’ comes from the two Greek words: ‘sclero’ meaning hard, and ‘derma’ meaning skin. (Extract from our book Understanding and Managing Scleroderma, produced by Scleroderma Australia).


As well as the skin being affected, the internal organs and joints can be involved.  It is a complex disease sometimes difficult to diagnose, and symptoms range from very mild to serious depending on the indications presented.


As well as providing support, the aim of the Scleroderma Associations is to educate patients and their families about Scleroderma.